Medical Device Repair Companies and Equipment Services

Where can I find quality medical equipment repair services?

Do you run a medical facility and need repair services performed on your equipment? Many health care facilities including doctors’ offices, surgical centers, athletic training facilities, nursing homes and other facilities need an experienced and reputable medical equipment repair company to repair and maintain their equipment. Medical equipment repair companies should have advanced knowledge of the products that your practice uses and their technicians should be able to troubleshoot and ultimately implement solutions to any problems with your equipment.

Medical-Device-Repair-CompaniesIf your healthcare related business is in need of medical equipment repair and maintenance, contact Stat Biomedical Technicians Inc. They are a full service facility that specializes in the repair, preventative maintenance, and safety inspections of biomedical equipment. They have a knowledgeable and fully trained staff of experienced technicians who can handle all types of equipment repair, maintenance, inspections and calibration.  They offer quality and efficient services and personalized attention to clients in many industries.

What types of medical equipment can the technicians at Stat Biomedical Technicians work on?

The experienced technicians at Stat Biomedical Technicians have years of experience repairing various products from many different equipment manufacturers including:

  • Amrex
  • Chattanooga
  • Dynatron
  • Ferno Ille
  • Intelect
  • Medx Laser
  • Mettler
  • Richmar
  • Sammons
  • Sci Fit
  • Whitehall


They service many different types of equipment from X-ray machines to incubators to dental drills.  Their staff is highly experienced and factory trained so that they can offer the necessary solutions to any problem that they may encounter. They offer pick up and drop off options, personalized service and fast and efficient turnaround times.

What do experienced medical equipment repair specialists do?

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, “Medical equipment repairers install, maintain, and repair patient care equipment.” They can work on equipment in medical facilities, dental facilities, surgery centers and many other health care related facilities.

They perform preventative maintenance that includes visual inspections and replacing parts such as filters, gaskets and more. They use the proper calibration tools to test actual output against displayed outputs. They make the necessary adjustments to bring a unit up to specification. Medical equipment repair specialists also ensure the electrical safety of equipment through:

  • Ensuring proper grounding
  • Checking for current electrical leakage
  • Inspecting for frayed, cracked or broken wires
  • Visual checking for discolored plugs and/or prongs
  • Using hospital grade power cord replacement equipment

In addition to trouble shooting and repairs, they can perform fully accredited safety inspections of most equipment. Medical equipment repair services can include working on the following types of equipment:

  • Medical Equipment
  • Nursing Home Equipment
  • Dental Equipment
  • Animal Health Equipment
  • Scales
  • Suction Machines
  • Surgical Lamps
  • EKG Machines
  • Hospital Beds
  • Patient Lifters
  • Microscopes
  • Physical Therapy Equipment
  • Autoclaves
  • Blood Pressure Units
  • Exam Chairs
  • Exam Tables
  • Defibrillators

                                                                                                                                                        What are the top five medical equipment repair services?

Medical-Equipment-Repair-ServiceMedical and health care equipment must always function at the highest level. In order to ensure that your medical equipment is always working effectively, you should schedule routine maintenance and inspection services.  Most medical equipment repair services include all makes and models of medical equipment, operative and surgical instruments and sterilizers. Five of the most frequently used services include:

  • Equipment repair
  • Instrument sharpening
  • Sterilizer repair service
  • Full restoration of medical equipment
  • Preventive maintenance options

While the some of the services may vary depending on the nature of the healthcare business, maintenance and inspection are always the most important services.

What types of businesses hire medical equipment repair companies?

Many different types of businesses in the healthcare industry use complex technical equipment every day to run their offices and treat their patients. When this type of equipment needs maintenance or service, they need experienced professionals to handle the job.  Companies in the healthcare industry that use these types of service include:

  • Medical Practices
  • Dental Practices
  • Assisted Living Facilities
  • Physical Therapy Centers
  • Ambulatory Care Centers
  • Radiology Centers
  • Surgical Centers
  • Nursing Homes
  • Athletic Training Facilities
  • Rehabilitation Centers
  • Long Term Care Facilities

If you have a business in the healthcare industry and you need service for any of your equipment, a trusted and experienced medical equipment repair company like Stat Biomedical Technicians can help you.  They offer competitive rates, technical expertise and personalized service to all of their customers.  They can perform thorough equipment inspections that are in complete compliance with the following organizations:

Stat Biomedical Technicians have been serving the health care industry since 1990 and offer practical and efficient solutions to issues relate to medical or technical equipment.  They offer repair services and preventive maintenance programs for all types of equipment.

What does a medical equipment repair technician do?

Medical-Equipment-RepairMedical equipment repair technicians work for hospitals, clinics, wholesale suppliers, and electronics repair shops. They perform repairs and maintain medical equipment such as electric wheelchairs, defibrillators, beds, imaging equipment and more.

While many technicians work during regular business hours, many are available during off hours for emergency services. Let’s face it, if equipment breaks down at a hospital or nursing home during the weekend, they can’t wait until Monday morning to have it fixed!

What type of experience and skills should a medical equipment repair technician have?

Today’s healthcare facilities are filled with high-tech equipment, designed to support patients’ vital systems or provide physicians with diagnostic imaging. Medical equipment repairers install, maintain, and repair patient care equipment. Installing, maintaining, calibrating, upgrading and repairing this equipment is the work of medical equipment technicians, also called biomedical equipment technicians or biomedical engineering technologists.

Most new technicians typically enter the field with an associate degree in biomedical engineering technology from a college. Manufacturers and installers of higher-end equipment, such as CT and MRI machines, may require a four-year bachelor’s degree in biomedical engineering technology.

Before entering the work force as a medical equipment repair technician, new technicians require months of supervised hands-on experience with each type of machine they service. Practical experience is often gained through internships while continuing education is provided by specific medical device manufacturers and on-the-job training classes.

Do medical equipment repair technician have any certifications?

Many biomedical equipment technicians pursue professional certification, such as satisfying certain education requirements and passing an examination from the International Certification Commission (ICC) and the Association for the Advancement of Medical Instrumentation (AAMI) to become a Certified Biomedical Equipment Technician (CBET).

Other certifications can be obtained that specialize more specifically in diagnostic imaging, radiological, and nuclear medicine equipment found in the many different kinds of laboratory environments.

Where can I find a trusted and experienced medical equipment repair company?

Stat Biomedical Technicians, a full service facility that specializes in the repair, preventative maintenance, and safety inspections of biomedical equipment. They have a knowledgeable and fully trained staff of experienced technicians who can handle all types of equipment repair, maintenance, inspections and calibration.  They offer quality and efficient services and personalized attention to all of their clients.

Their maintenance and repair services include:

  • Medical Equipment Repair
  • Preventative Maintenance
  • Electrical Safety & Performance Testing
  • Fully Accredited Safety Inspections
  • Equipment Service Contracts
  • Equipment Calibration

Stat Biomedical Technicians has clients throughout the tristate area and include medical practices, surgical centers, healthcare clinics, long term care facilities, ambulatory care centers, physical therapy centers, athletic training facilities and more.  They have a knowledgeable and certified staff that works hard to exceed customers’ expectations.  They work with health care practices to meet deadlines and offer quality services that meet the diverse needs of different clients.

They have long term clients in many health care related industries because they offer quality service as well as:

  • Fully Accredited Inspection and Maintenance Services
  • Fair and Reasonable Rates
  • Experienced Factory-Trained and Certified Technicians
  • Flexible Services
  • Fast and Efficient Turn Around Times
  • Personalized Service

Contact Stat Biomedical Technicians for repairs, service, maintenance and inspections of all types of medical and health care related equipment.  They can be reached at 631-472-7299 or 631-472-7296.