The Importance of Medical Equipment Testing

The Importance of Medical Equipment Testing

Medical Equipment TestingIn addition to regular maintenance, medical equipment should be tested and inspected on a regular basis to ensure that it is functioning properly and working safely and efficiently.

In the healthcare industry most medical equipment must be compliant with the Health Care Facilities Code mandated by the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA).  According to, “The NFPA 99 establishes criteria for levels of health care services or systems based on risk to the patients, staff, or visitors in health care facilities to minimize the hazards of fire, explosion, and electricity.”

Stat Biomedical Technicians, Inc. offers annual medical equipment testing and inspection services. Our knowledgeable and highly experienced technicians work closely with all of our clients in the healthcare industry to ensure that their equipment is in compliance with NFPA 99 and other essential annual testing requirements. They perform annual safety and performance testing along with annual calibrations of equipment to ensure that all equipment is working safely, effectively and in accordance with all NFPA 99 standards and requirements.

In addition to comprehensive medical equipment testing, our technicians provide detailed documentation and data to support their testing, repairs and services showing that they adhere to the annual testing requirements.  This professional documentation includes all essential details needed for compliance.

At Stat Biomedical Technicians, Inc. we also adhere to strict record-keeping requirements and retain all of our inspection, maintenance and testing records according any local, state, and federal regulatory regulations. We are committed to our clients in the healthcare industry and work in conjunction with all of their record-keeping requirements. Our annual electrical safety testing, performance testing, and calibrations are part of our commitment to meeting annual testing requirements for all of our clients.

At Stat Biomedical Technicians Inc. our standards exceed the standards required by NFPA 99 and other industry regulations. These regulations are designed to establish criteria for levels of healthcare services or systems based on risk. They include risks to patients, staff, and even other visitors within the healthcare facility. The goal is to minimize hazards related to fire, explosion, and electricity. Many of these regulations and requirements focus on installation, inspection, testing, maintenance, performance, and safe practices for equipment.  We understand and believe that in addition to compliance and regulatory reasons, medical equipment testing is performed to ensure the safety of employees and patients.

Our services are designed to meet or exceed the standards of the NY State Department of Health, the NFPA, The Joint Commission, and the Accreditation Association for Ambulatory Health Care Inc. (AAAHC). Check our website for a list of all of the organization that we are in complete compliance with.

Medical equipment testing is an important responsibility of all healthcare providers as dictated by NFPA 99. Stat Biomedical Technicians, Inc. can expertly assist your healthcare facility with safety, maintenance, and compliance. Give us a call at 631-472-7299 to speak with one of our experienced representatives about annual testing requirements, inspections, service and repair.

Stat Biomedical Technicians Inc. can perform inspections, testing, repairs and maintenance on any medical equipment. We have experienced technicians who can test, inspect and repair your medical equipment in accordance with NFPA 99 regulations

Stat Biomedical Technicians Inc. is a full service facility that specializes in the repair, preventative maintenance, and safety inspections of biomedical equipment. We have been in business since 1990 and we have a knowledgeable and fully trained staff of experienced technicians who can handle all types of equipment repair, maintenance, inspections and calibration.  We offer quality and efficient services and personalized attention to all of our clients. If your healthcare practice is looking for an experienced company to service your equipment, give us a call today at 631-472-7299.