The Importance of Medical Equipment Safety in Nursing Homes

The Importance of Medical Equipment Safety in Nursing Homes

The Importance of Medical Equipment Safety in Nursing HomesPatient safety is a top priority in nursing homes and assisted living facilities. If you manage a health care facility, the well-being of your patients is of the utmost importance.

There are many factors that go into ensuring the safety and comfort of your patients including creating and maintaining a clean and germ-free environment, preparing and serving healthy and nutritious foods, offering comfortable beds and clean linens, administering proper medication and providing excellent medical and health care.  One of the most important aspects however, is ensuring the safety and proper function of your medical equipment.

Medical devices can range from simple items to more complex devices, such as ventilators or imaging tools. They represent some of the most innovative technologies developed in recent years. Yet regardless of how novel a device may be, the public expects, and the Food and Drug Administration  requires that medical devices and equipment be safe, effective, and manufactured in accordance with current manufacturing practices. In addition, medical equipment should be inspected on a regular basis for proper function and safety.

In nursing homes and in any medical practice, properly functioning medical equipment is essential because it is a critical tool for doctors, nurses and all healthcare professionals. Medical devices allow healthcare personnel to more accurately monitor patient health, and help doctors perform various functions from the emergency room to the operating table. If a piece of medical equipment fails, the quality of patient care can decrease, which can even affect patient safety. If medical equipment is not properly maintained and routinely inspected, and unexpectedly fails to work properly, it can compromise patient safety.

In a nursing home or assisted living setting, health care providers rely on medical equipment to administer medical care, assist with patient mobility, ensure patient comfort and safety and monitor patients’ health.  There is a vast amount of medical equipment utilized in nursing homes that can range from mobility appliances and imaging devices to heart monitors and rehabilitation equipment. The bottom line is that to be able to administer quality health care services, medical equipment must always be functioning effectively. In addition, according to OSHA, medical equipment that is properly maintained is safer for both patients and medical staff.

All healthcare providers should take a proactive approach to ensure the safety and function of their medical equipment. It is highly recommended to schedule routine inspections and maintenance services on all medical equipment to ensure that they are working safely and effectively.  If a repair is necessary, it can be addressed immediately – so there is minimal impact to patient care.

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