Autoclave Repair

Autoclave Repair

Autoclave RepairAn autoclave is an advanced machine that uses high temperatures and intense steam to kill harmful bacteria and clean appliances. Also known as steam sterilizers, autoclaves are frequently used in the healthcare industry to effectively clean and sterilize instruments and equipment.

How does an autoclave work?

An autoclave effectively sterilizes tools, instruments and equipment in labs, health care facilities and industrial industries. Steam is vital to a successful autoclave sterilization process.  According to, a manufacturer of high quality autoclaves, “Items are placed inside a pressure vessel. Air inhibits sterilization and is removed from the vessel during the first phase of the sterilization cycle. Gravity-type sterilizers use steam to displace the air in the vessel and force the air down the sterilizer drain. After the air is removed, the sterilizer drain closes and steam is continuously admitted into the vessel, rapidly increasing the pressure and temperature inside to a predetermined level. The items are held at the sterilization temperature for a fixed amount of time, effectively sterilizing them. During the final phase of the cycle, the sterilizer drain is opened and steam is removed, depressurizing the vessel and allowing the items in the load to dry.”

Why are autoclaves important to the healthcare industry?

Medical devices and instruments that have contact with body tissues or fluids are considered critical items. These items may include surgical instruments, implanted medical devices and surgical drapes and linens. These items should be sterile when used because any microbial contamination could result in infection transmission. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, “Steam is the ideal choice for sterilization because it is reliable, consistent, and lethal to microorganisms while being non-toxic to the operator of the autoclave.”

Does your practice need autoclave repair services?

Because they are so important to the day-to day operations of most practices in the healthcare industry, autoclaves should always be in top working condition. An autoclave assures the safety of both patients and staff. If the autoclave in your healthcare setting is not working effectively or efficiently, you should contact a professional repair company.

Stat Biomedical Technicians Inc. can perform repairs and maintenance to any autoclave equipment. They have experienced technicians who can inspect and repair your autoclave equipment. Because this type of equipment is vital to the daily activities of your practice, Stat Biomedical also offers loaner autoclave units for use while your original equipment is being repaired.

Stat Biomedical Technicians, a full service facility that specializes in the repair, preventative maintenance, and safety inspections of biomedical equipment including autoclaves. They have been in business since 1990 and they have a knowledgeable and fully trained staff of experienced technicians who can handle all types of equipment repair, maintenance, inspections and calibration.  They offer quality and efficient services and personalized attention to all of their clients. If your healthcare practice is looking for an experienced company to service your equipment, give them a call today at 631-472-7299.